Where does your ticket money go?

Our aim is to raise funds and awareness for the people of Syria. As such, each performance is partnered with organisations providing support to civilians in need.

Ticket money from both our premiere at Sadler’s Wells Theatre and our follow-up performance at the Edinburgh Fesitval Fringe is being donated to Syria Relief Charity and Techfugees.

Together these organisations are setting up and supporting a training centre for teachers in the north of Syria. The centre will provide specific training and English classes for 320 beneficaries for 6 months.

Addressing a specific need in Syria

With the crisis entering its 7th year, an estimated 1.75m children are out of school in Syria and 1.35 million are at risk of dropping out.

The formal education system has lost a total of 150,000 education personnel, including teachers resulting in a significant decrease in the quality of education available. Of the teachers that remain, few are properly trained to cope with children in dire need of psychosocial support, care and protection.

The programme run by Syria Relief and Techfugees aims to increase the quality of education inside Syria and give teachers the means to properly deal with the most vulnerable children, the real victims of the biggest humanitarian crisis of our times

Syria Relief is the largest UK registered charity operating exclusively in Syria with direct staff on the ground: the charity was founded in 2011 at the beginning of the crisis by a group of Syrians, mainly doctors, who had been living in the UK for some time.

Syria Relief ’s teams have been working on the ground for 6 years focusing on providing humanitarian aid and assistance to people in the hard-to-reach areas that cannot be accessed by big international non- governmental organisations.

Syria Relief provides support and care to those 6.3 million people internally displaced by the conflict. As well as offering emergency help, Syria Relief enables communities become self-sustainable and self-sufficient by providing resources to help people rebuild their lives through our livelihood programmes.

Syria Relief is headquartered in Manchester and has a presence in London but the largest operations are inside Syria, where the charity operates 5 offices, providing jobs to approximately 1500 teachers, doctors and operational sta who have worked tirelessly for the past 5 years providing medical aid and care, psychological support, education, emergency aid, winterisation kits, coal and stoves, food & shelter to hundreds and thousands of people in need.

Syria Relief is deeply passionate about supporting the future of Syrian people: through its education programme Syria Relief runs 47 school across Syria providing about 16,000 children with daily quality education and psycho-social support where needed. A growing program of vocational trainings and livelihood programmes also aims to empower people on the ground through the development of technical and professional skills to help Syrians become self-sufficient again.

Techfugees is a social enterprise that exists to empower the displaced with technology – we are a community of engineers, designers and data scientists across the world. We come together through meetups, workshops and hackathons and by working hand-in-hand with refugees & NGOs to build tech solution that can scale.

We mobilise our knowledge and expert networks in low-tech and latest technologies (Bluetooth, AIs, chatbots, etc) to reconnect refugees with education, healthcare and employment as quickly as possible.

The 5 main aims of Techfugees are:

1.Providing access to the internet in refugees camps, on the move or in host communities/countries – now considered a basic human right.

2. Providing access to education via online/ of ine language courses, online teachers and crowd-sourced knowledge.

3. Providing support with identity recognition issues regarding diplomas, skills etc. through Online ID, e-citizenship, digitalised papers or recognition technology.

4. Providing access to essential health services through apps, websites or biotech devices.

5. Help facilitating the social, cultural and economic inclusion of refugees into host communities via banking apps, social media, digital story telling or support of entrepreneurship.